November 25, 2019, a week-long training seminar for specialists in solar technologies ended in Dushanbe.

It was attended by 15 electricians-installers and representatives of other related professions with certain technical knowledge and skills from different regions of Tajikistan. The training was organized by the United Nations Development Program in Tajikistan as part of the project “Development of the knowledge potential on solar technologies for 15 specialists in Tajikistan”. Following the event, all its participants passed exams and received certificates.

The training seminar was held on the basis of Sistemavtomatika OJSC, where experienced trainers introduced the participants to the theory of the use of solar energy, marketing tools for its promotion and existing legislation in the field of renewable energy sources (RES). In addition, the participants received practical skills in the necessary calculations and installation / dismantling of autonomous and network photovoltaic systems and solar water heaters. One of the training days was devoted to acquaintance with urban facilities that are already equipped with energy-efficient equipment and alternative energy sources.

Recently, various organizations in the republic have shown increasing interest in creating a market for goods and services of renewable energy sources. To date, neither the government nor business have paid enough attention to the development of alternative energy (except for large and small hydropower plants). However, the demand for energy efficient technologies and renewable energy in Tajikistan is gradually growing. This is due both to global trends and the work of a number of international and public organizations to raise public awareness and implement demonstration projects in the field. An acute shortage of local installation and maintenance specialists, in particular, solar installations and systems, significantly impedes the development of this sector.

“General information was already known to me from previous work, but participating in the training, I acquired a number of specific skills that a specialist needs when installing modern equipment. We learned about the “smart” power supply systems from stand-alone photo panels that regulate all household appliances in your home. For example, you are at work, but you can remotely program the laundry or turn on the air conditioner at your arrival home. There are only a few such technologies in our country, but in developed countries they have already become widespread, ”says Ilkhom Buriev, a training participant.

Natalia Idrisova, “Little Earth”