In recent years, the development of renewable energy sources (RES), especially solar energy, has received a new impetus in Tajikistan. Suppliers and service providers are actively operating on the market, offering the public a variety of equipment using solar energy – photovoltaic stations, solar water heaters, solar-powered water pumps. This equipment is in special demand among farmers, land users, pasture workers, beekeepers – all who need energy for domestic purposes and business. Especially renewable energy sources are relevant in remote settlements having difficulties with access to electricity, because about 700 more villages in Tajikistan remain not electrified.

When purchasing renewable energy equipment, the consumer in his choice is often guided only by the price characteristics of the equipment offered on the market, while practically no attention is paid to energy-efficient indicators. This is due to the fact that the Tajik consumer generally has low purchasing power, does not have enough information about solar energy equipment and its suppliers, provided equipment maintenance services, best practices and examples of equipment use in households, small business and financing opportunities.

The market itself is characterized by a small number of local manufacturers and a large number of micro importers, a lack of after-sales service, a lack of sufficient knowledge about the technical characteristics of sellers and a large number of “nameless equipment” without technical characteristics. So it turns out that high-quality affordable renewable energy equipment in Tajikistan is moving forward with difficulty, and the client, as a rule, buys cheaper the first time, but the second time is already more expensive!

In order to improve public access to affordable and efficient goods and services in the field of green energy and renewable energy, to stimulate local business to develop green energy technologies, a new interactive Internet platform “nerui sabz” (green energy) is being created in Tajikistan. This platform is being created as part of the UNDP / OFID project “Development of Access to Energy among Small and Medium Enterprises”, which aims to increase private sector participation in energy access by improving the profitability and risk profile of private investments in energy access products and services. The main objective of the project is to expand access to energy and provide reliable, affordable and sustainable energy products and services for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and the rural population of Tajikistan.

Issues related to the development of business and consumer demand for green energy technologies, the improvement of microfinancing in this area were discussed by the participants of the Round Table held on October 23 at the Creation Business Center in Dushanbe. The round table was organized by the Youth Environmental Center, as part of the UNDP / OFID project “Development of Access to Energy among Small and Medium Enterprises”. The NGO Youth Ecological Center was selected by UNDP Tajikistan as a partner in creating this platform, which is currently of great interest to various parties, such as suppliers, financial organizations, installers and users of green technologies.

The focus at first will be on technologies related to solar energy, which, as you know, is enough in the country, because in most areas more than 300 days a year are sunny. Improving the availability of solar energy will contribute not only to local social and economic development, but also serve to achieve global goals – mitigate the effects of climate change, show examples of adaptation to climate change in the energy sector at the local level

Yuri Skochilov, Youth Ecological Center of the Republic of Tajikistan