The United Nations Development Program held a round table to present the results and discuss the recommendations of the Country Assessment on the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the field of green energy, which contributes to the transformation of Tajikistan’s energy sector by providing affordable and sustainable energy products and services for the rural population.

According to the representative office of the UN Development Program in Tajikistan, market research covered 15 regions in all regions of Tajikistan.

The results showed a high demand for photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters in regions not connected to the electric network, as well as in areas with tourist potential, such as Seven Ozers (Haftkul), Fan Mountains, Baljuvan, Shakhrinav, Shirkent, Darvaz, Vakhansky Corridor, and others .

Most respondents usually buy solar technology in local or regional markets. However, research has shown that the quality and range of solar products can be improved.

Representatives of government agencies, including the ministries of energy and water resources, the Committee for Environmental Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan, local financial institutions, the private sector, including from regions not connected to the power grid, and public organizations gathered to discuss the market situation, problems and opportunities for technologies based on solar energy, which should be adequately accessible to public and tourism organizations.

The participants exchanged views and ideas on creating a favorable business environment for suppliers by improving the legislative framework and financial opportunities.

“Ensuring access to energy, especially in rural Tajikistan, is a UNDP key priority. We have committed ourselves to piloting and demonstrating innovative business models to ensure the availability and proper quality of these products, ”said Ms. Nargizakhon Usmanova, UNDP Team Leader in Energy, Environment and Biodiversity.

The UNDP / GEF project “Development of small and medium-sized businesses in the field of green energy” the UNDP / OFID project “Development of access to energy among small and medium-sized businesses” contributes to the transformation of the Tajik energy sector, in particular, the emergence of independent energy entrepreneurs able to offer affordable, sustainable energy products and services to rural people.