CJSC MDO IMON INTERNATIONAL in 2015 began the implementation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) project “Access to Green Financing” as a partner. As part of this project, ADB provided a grant of $ 10 million to the Government of Tajikistan, of which IMON INTERNATIONAL was allocated $ 4.4 million for the implementation of the project, which is expected to be completed in 2018. Project funds are fully utilized. At the moment, loans are issued due to customer repayments. Through these funds, many Tajik families have increased access to energy and improved housing energy efficiency through the financing of smart green energy solutions.

Project objectives are almost achieved. Today in many households you can find at least one energy-efficient product, for example: energy-efficient roofs and doors, double-glazed windows, heat-insulated ceilings and floors, advanced water pumps, solar water heaters and many other products.

Under this project, the Organization, together with ADB, together with the Ministry of Finance and Habitat, organized multiple exhibitions on energy efficiency. Other microfinance organizations took part in these exhibitions: international organizations Acted, GIZ, GERES, Habitat, suppliers of LLC Atiko-Tajikistan, Korean firms KITURAMI, Sound Korea, ENERGY HI, Russian company HOMSOL, local entrepreneurs: LLC Teplofon, Center for Alternative Energy Sources, Infraecoproject LLC, PE S. Yunusov, Sozmon LLC, Nokili Talko LLC, Aerated concrete, Eco Technology, GALAN: World of heat. IMON firmly established contacts with these suppliers, which made it easier for potential customers to select the necessary products.
Source: https://www.imon.tj