If Elon Musk is thinking of taking over the Moonand the people of Dashtaki villageVoldepositvillages of Ivan-toVoltwoDistrict Khethe feelingMastchoh is thinking of producing nerheielectricity from water and sun.

Dashtaki village of K districthethe feeling Drunk300km.away from city Dushanbe actually being,after twelve hour way difficult thai to do can it Volo reached.This give in the heart khelol the skyhes and field wide location have,from center district200km.away is.

Low clay houses, stone walls, “tappak” aVolfault to the walls beaten,ways kaVolu kileb,the pond clean from between give Volori,and the people simple sincerelyi,that guesthehundred smiling faces being,every one guest to their village step by step to way typical welcome takesnd, can lead tojjub become.

The village of Dashtak is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea levelVolagi and250person populationi consists of is.This one from villages remote ToVolIkestan is,that yesVol time,even in the time ShheRevi, strength electricity did not have. According to Hikoyamoh Safarova, one of the residents of this village, due to the cold climate of the district, which is winter for almost 10 months and the summer is also cool, in thisVolo other than from potatoes any type tree or vegetables do notheyad.According to this,in it Volo aliveagi to do difficult is.To this look not done the people give to this livei already according to have been.Because climate this the village to cultivation potatoes according to is,potato groweri to employment main the people this give change found. 40percentage supply potatoes country from thisis a district.

Azizbek Azizov, theli31year in this the village to as omghesgor activity does,megheyad:

“In our village, yes.”heh from cycles Union ShheRevi strength electricity was not.Year2011Founder peace unity nationi-Leader nation,President JRepublic ToVolIkestan mdear, Emomali Rahman to District Khethe feeling Drunk visit they brought.With caughti and khemaki they to we one nerhesometimes small electric wateri they made.From the same time to houses we clearlyi came. Capacity this nerhesometimes50sq is.But building bar lack of water other the reasons all50 sq. nerhero given can’t.To every now in home school we electricity Furhezone is.»

But yes, to meet other needsheh too from options ancienti,to like wood and kick use they take.These one type shefuel localityi are,that from dung coware developed. It’s for firehehi,to cook hherock and hot to do houses use they take.In equal to it that development this type shefuel localityi difficult is,also for climate too damage big has.

“All rheh work we firehehi is.Teapots elelectrici,furnaces heater no and we for to cook hherock,hot to do water residence our residence maVollet’s cut,that the whole rheh in next to fireplace fire crying let’s do.Power electricity,that from the only Nohesometimes electric wateri production will be,alone for Furhezone becoming lampTV is enoughi does” – megheyad one from women the village.

They toVoloh fridge pits small in land dug up use they take.Ghestr in this Volo in vessels glassi look they have.

People of ten meghego,that livei in this kind of conditions for they muskil is, but they are from thisVolo gone and to climate other according to became they can’t:

“We are hoti livei done we can’t,air this Volo clean and cool is.Ancestors we in that’s it Volo birth became livei have done,we too in other location livei to do taswe can’t do it” – sayshego residents give.

Although this village is very cold, but becauseVolhis awakening in height2000meter from level the sea,the sunhei is.From this Volis,that use has become energy “green” in this location very convenient and suitable is.

Green energyi kind of to hand brought will be?

Solar panelsi or modules the suni devices are,that for take rays electromagneti from The sun foresighti became,for use further and conversion it to forms various energy useful,to like energy harmi(with collectors the suni received)and energy electriciani(with panels photoelectrici)use took will be.

In the village of Dashtak, within the framework of the project “Promotion of solar collectorsi and systems photoelectrici in valley Zarafshan” for partially with strength electricityproviding several major facilities with ten solar panelsi,that to production making nerhei electricity from the sun,hot to do water for washhe and ready to do hherock hot possibility have,offer has been.

Gurhehi working Project before for installation this taVolexcitement climate andDashtok’s options are subject to investigation and generalheugly decision gave. TaVolhizoti the suni approx the whole year case use decision they get,because the sky this area very less cloudi will be and rays the sun in section winter too powerful being,panels the suni cannd can also be used in this chapter.

CurrentlyVolhizoti the suni the best and the only road and solution possible without electricityi for the people this area is.But all opportunity purchase it they don’t have.

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