Street lamp with motion sensor on remote solar battery FL-1629A



Motion Sensor:

~ 5 meters, 120 degrees
The size:

150 * 110mm

LED power:


Built-in 1×18650 1200mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery (it is possible to install a second battery and increase the operating time without recharging)


Floodlight FL-1629A with a solar battery on a 5 m wire – the solar panel is installed in a place with the best quality sunlight, and the floodlight itself is in the required lighting location. The perfect portable solution for optimal solar charging and maximum useful lighting at night.
LED floodlight for indoor and outdoor lighting. It is used to illuminate warehouses, parking lots, lots, parking lots, small architectural forms.
This model is a solar powered version of autonomous lighting.
LED floodlight does not require changing lamps or other additional maintenance. It is not sensitive to power surges and does not create such drops by itself. The luminous flux is even, without stroboscopic effect. High energy efficiency can significantly reduce energy costs.
A very long service life allows solving problems with the maintenance of the floodlight – which is very important if the floodlight is installed at a high altitude.
Installation of the luminaire requires a minimum of effort, and no connection is required at all. All you need to do is fix the LED lamp to the wall. You just need to screw in the screw