The web platform for green energy technologies NERUISABZ

  • The web platform for green energy technologies NERUISABZ was created as part of the UNDP \ OFID project “Development of small and medium enterprises in the field of access to energy”. The main objective of the project is to expand access to energy and provide reliable, affordable and sustainable energy products and services for the rural population of Tajikistan.
  • The NERUISABZ platform is a web-aggregator that collects and groups information from various equipment suppliers to facilitate the search for solutions for households and consumers.
  • The main emphasis in the Platform is made for end consumers: farmers, local residents, households, small and medium-sized businesses, including in tourism and agricultural activities.
  • A platform for communication with consumers, producers, financial institutions and will contribute to expanding access to information on renewable energy sources and the development of the green technology market and its transparency.

The platform will help the consumer:

  • learn about the benefits of using renewable energy equipment;
  • receive information about equipment available in campaigns;
  • get information about the provided equipment maintenance services;
  • learn about best practices and examples of using renewable energy equipment in households and small businesses;
  • Find out about funding opportunities.

The platform will actively attract suppliers, manufacturers, financial institutions, experts to exchange information and promote affordable energy products and services.

In the future, the platform will provide more interactive services. Suppliers and campaigns will be able to independently post information about their products and services, receive customer reviews that can compare prices from different suppliers and create product and service ratings.

For cooperation and development of the platform, please contact: