Split type Model Jinyi Solar: model: JSH-100-12, Made in China


Split-type solar water heaters consist of:

  • 100L solar water tank 1 coils(includes T/P valve, check valve, electric heater& box, big magnesium rod and inspection flange);
  • Heat pipe solar collector/ 12 tubes heat pipe solar collector-(24mm condenser heat pipe- highly efficient) 45degree frame; collector efficiency >70%, Frost resistant to -35°C;
  • SR881 Solar Pump Station with Controller;
  • 24L Expansion Vessel;
  • Automatic Air Vent Valve with Shut-off Ball Valve;
  • Fittings must be selected in such a way that all components of the system can be interconnected. Valves should also be provided. 3/4 male Equal Nipple, 3/4 x 1/2 x 3/4 Female tee, 3/4 x 3/4 Inter Panel Connector Kit, 3/4 Male Ball Valve;
  • 3/4” Twin Pre-insulated Stainless-Steel Flexible Pipe (with wire for sensor);
  • Antifreeze (Propylene glycol should be calculated at a temperature of – 20 degrees);