3 kWh per day

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Power of solar modules 1200 W
Battery capacity 300 A * h
Charge Controller 24V / 40A
Voltage converter 3000W
Constant operating voltage: 24 V.
Alternating voltage at the exit: 220 V, 50 Hz, a pure sine.


Autonomous solar power station 3 kW
It is optimally suited for houses, apartments, cottages and offices with network power supply (as a reserve or in case of unstable power supply, etc.) and its complete absence. Suitable for most electrical appliances, both domestic and industrial, with a total load power of up to 3 kW. The proposed station is autonomous and does not require an external (state) network, however, it can work with the network through the priority function – the ability to recharge the batteries from the network, in the case of undercharging from solar panels (winter, at night, overcast day).

System features:

Electricity supply to facilities that do not have an electrical connection. A turnkey solution designed to provide electricity to autonomous objects (cottages, houses, villas, etc.)
This power plant will be able to provide power to the following devices (220V)
LED Lamp, TV & Satellite TV, Laptop, Circulation Pump, Refrigerator, Microwave, Computer, Electric Kettle,


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