Flat solar water heater 150 liters



Surface area 1000x2000x80 mm 2.0 m2
Absorber area 1.78 m2
Safety glass safety unbreakable δ = 4 mm
Conclusions for connection flange branch pipes ∅ 26 mm
Collector housing Corrosion-resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy stamping
Thermal insulation mineral fibers
The volume of the storage tank is 150 L
Total weight 186 kg
Selective coating based on alumina pigmented with colloidal nickel
Operating temperature below 100 ° C
The maximum surface temperature of the absorber idling at a solar activity of 1000 W / m2 and an ambient temperature of 25 C 170 C
Maximum coolant pressure 600 kPa
Service life 15 years


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