Solar cookers



A solar cooker will help you cook food and boil water without consuming electricity, gas, coal, firewood and other types of combustible substances. It works only on the basis of the sunbeam and therefore does not have smoke and ash, which allows you to keep the environment clean. It is the ideal companion for cooking in country houses, summer cottages and mountainous areas.

The heat power delivered by the stove reaches 2.3 kW in the SCGT-2300 model, and up to 3.5 kW in the SCGT-3500 and the temperature reaches 1200 (1400) degrees Celsius. The dimensions of the plate of the SCGT-2300 plate are 130×190 cm and in the SCGT-3500 it is 190×190 cm. The boiling time of 1 liter of water using this solar plate is ~ 5 minutes.