Solar water heater 100 liters

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Solar thermosiphon collector (non-pressure)
Tank capacity, l: 100
Number of tubes, pcs: 12
Dimensions, mm: 2350x1100x1600
Weight, kg: 58


A solar water heater of 12-100 liters for a summer house and a house is designed for direct heating of water in a storage tank due to the energy of sunlight. For the operation of this type of installation, electricity is not required, but if necessary, you can purchase a water-heating electric heater, which will automatically heat the water in cloudy weather from the mains.
The main component of a vacuum tubular solar collector are glass vacuum tubes. Each vacuum tube consists of two glass tubes. The outer tube is made of transparent heavy-duty borosilicate glass that can withstand hail with a diameter of 35 mm. The inner tube is also made of transparent borosilicate glass coated with a special selective coating that provides heat absorption with minimal reflection. To avoid heat loss, air is drawn from the space between the two pipes and a vacuum is created.

System features:

A solar water heater with 12-100 liter vacuum tubes will satisfy the daily need for using hot water for 1-2 people. Due to its high work efficiency in conditions of low radiation intensity, solar energy is optimal for seasonal use in the country and private homes. The solar collector of a pressure-free system is the simplest of solar systems to provide hot water supply; it does not need a pump to promote the flow of water, as it is located above the water breakdown point. The solar water heater is connected to a cold water summer cottage or a well pump with a pressure of 0.5-3 bar. Heated water coming from the water heater by gravity can be used for:
taking a shower
washing dishes
heated summer pool,
watering plants
other household needs.


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