Solar water heater 300 liters



Solar thermosiphon collector (non-pressure)
Collector Type  Vacuum
System capacity  300L
Number of vacuum tubes 30 pcs.
Tube dimensions  ⌀58.1800mm
Effective collector area, 3.86 sq.m


The thermosiphon tubular solar vacuum collector, one of the simplest and most affordable solar water heaters, is an integrated system for heating water using solar energy. The main component of the solar collector are glass vacuum tubes, which are located at a certain angle and connected to the storage tank. Heating takes place with the help of vacuum tubes. The circulation of the coolant in the system occurs due to natural convection. Water in the collector tubes is heated, it becomes lighter and rises to the upper part of the tank, and cold water, accordingly, falls into the lower part of the tubes.
The tank of the system consists of two tanks – the inner tank is inside the outer one, the space between the walls is filled with polyurethane for thermal insulation.

System features:

Thermosiphon solar collector of 300 liters, suitable for hot water supply for a family of 5-6 people, hotels, resort areas, boarding houses, etc.
Main advantages:
– high performance
– profitability
– easy installation, simplicity and reliability in future use
– affordable low price and quick payback


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