Solar water heater type (split system) 300 liters



Solar collector (split system)
Collector Type  Vacuum
System capacity   300L
The number of vacuum tubes 24 pcs.
Tube dimensions ⌀58.1800mm
Effective collector area, 3.06 sq.m


Options: a water tank with two heat exchangers, a controller with temperature sensors, a circulation pump, an expansion tank, a collector with vacuum tubes with copper heat cores.
Tank capacity, liters: 300
Tank dimensions (diameter x height), mm: 700 x 1920
Tank walls: steel, painted, double
Tank insulation: polyurethane, 50 mm
Number of heat exchangers, pcs .: 1
Number of collectors, pcs .: 1
Collector installation dimensions (W x H x T), mm: 1550 x 1900 x 100 (100 mm – collector thickness)
Vacuum tubes: 24 pieces, with a three-layer coating, with a copper heat core (tube length 1800 mm, diameter 58 mm, core diameter 14 mm)
System supply voltage: 220 Volts.
Maximum power consumption – 100 watts with the pump running.

System features:

This model of a split system is able to provide hot water for up to 6 people. The solar collector is highly efficient in cloudy weather in the absence of direct solar radiation and a small amount of solar energy entering the collector surface. It can be used for hot water and heating a house, hotel, camp site.


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