April 25 marks the fifth anniversary of one of the largest solar power plants in Central Asia, Burne-1, with a capacity of 50 MW, located in the Zhambyl region. The station has 192 192 photovoltaic modules installed, which occupy an area of ​​150 hectares in Zhualynsky district.
Monocrystalline panels forecast to produce about 72 million kW * hours per year. And, in fact, they provide electricity to 35 thousand private households. The power plant is connected to the unified system of Kazakhstan through 220 kV power lines owned by the national network operator KEGOC (Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company).
The view of the solar panels over a vast area is mesmerizing. A picture from the future that has become a reality. All this you can see in the three-minute ROLLER on the construction of the station.

Today we decided to ask a few questions to the Director General of Burnoye Solar-1 LLP Nurlan Kapenov.

Details: https://livingasia.online